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License Fee

Q: Is there a license fee for use of the LCSS?
    The Lung Cancer Symptom Scale (LCSS), a site-specific quality of life measure for patients with lung cancer, is now in its second decade of development. Our group, Quality of Life Research Associates, believes that each clinical trial has had the benefit of the extensive testing of the measure, and now, availability of 42 languages. In addition, we have tried to provide recommendations, based on our experience to date for this controversial but valuable endpoint, for avoiding problems such as measurement bias in clinical trials. The FDA has found this instrument acceptable in supporting new oncologic agents, and has specifically encouraged its use. Our experience with this measure on six continents is that once the LCSS is part of a clinical trial, its ease for patients and staff is recognized, enhancing its use in additional trials.

  For a clinical trial with a sponsor, there is a license fee for use in each clinical trial of 50 or more patients.
This fee for use also includes permission to reproduce as many copies of the copyrighted manual as needed and use of five translations (see web page chart) for that specific trial. The fee variation scale is simple: (1) for a smaller trial of less than 50 patients, the fee is reduced; (2) if more translations are needed beyond the five, there is an additional fee. In special circumstances for studies without a sponsor or for special uses, one can apply for a partial waiver of fees by letter. The license fee information is included in the initial LCSS packet (see order form on website) and can be obtained using overnight mail.